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Photo: Waterfall

About Conservation

What in nature do you appreciate? Clean air? Fresh drinking water? Wildflowers? Conservation is about balancing some of the needs of people—places to live, work, play, go to school—with the need for a planet that will be healthy for years to come. Conservation helps us protect what we want to be here tomorrow for others to enjoy. Conservation and geography are closely linked. As geography helps us to better understand our planet’s complexity, conservation enables us to become better protectors of its biological and cultural diversity.

Conservation Lesson Plans

Photo: Boaters on river

Find lesson plans for classrooms of all levels about conservation issues: biodiversity, fresh water, oceans, and population.

Biodiversity Lesson Plans

Bears, beetles, ferns, and frogs—they’re all part of Earth’s biodiversity. Conservation is crucial to ensure that plants, animals, and other living things—and the places they live—are preserved for future generations.

Fresh Water Lesson Plans

Only about three percent of Earth’s water is fresh, and most of this water is frozen in icecaps and glaciers. As the world’s population grows, so does our demand for fresh water.

Population Lesson Plans

The world’s population has risen to 6.6 billion people. Like other living things, people need access to food, water, and shelter to live. We’re putting considerable pressure on Earth’s resources, many of which are not infinite.

Oceans Lesson Plans

Earth’s oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Oceans help maintain a healthful environment for Earth by regulating the air temperature and by supplying the moisture for precipitation. Oceans make life possible on Earth.

Conservation Maps

Conservation Activities

Photo: A butterfly

Jump into conservation action with activities designed to get your students thinking about the world around them and how their actions affect it.

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