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Cultures: The Sound of Place

Cultures: The Sound of Place

Photo: Man and woman dancing

About Culture

Culture is a way of lifeā€”the specific behavioral patterns, skills, traits, objects, meanings, values, and adaptations that characterize a group of people. Today's cultures are the result of a continuing process of change that reflects past and present human history and activity. Join Geography Action! and explore how language, music, and other sounds of our environment have given voice to the history, movement, and interaction of peoples through time.

Cultures Lesson Plans

Cultures Maps

Map: World

These maps from EarthPulse: A Visual Guide to Global Trends show how, as our world becomes more connected, languages disappear and cultures blend into a global voice.

Cultures Activities

Photo: Chinese men playing instruments

Explore how sounds create a sense of place and help define a culture with these activities about language, music, and sounds that comprise a community.

Other Resources

Photo: Cultural tribe

Explore dozens of National Geographic People and Places Videos, which feature sounds of place from all over the world including New York streets in “Rhythms of New York,” the Djema'a al Fna marketplace in “Marrakesh,” and the true Romans in “Rome's Ancient Neighborhood.”

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Photo: Guillermo Cock at Inca burial site

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