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Geography Action!

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Geography Awareness: Help Students See the World in New Ways

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Geography is a critical component of a 21st century education, and National Geographic is working to raise awareness so that all students have opportunities to know and understand their planet. Each year the Geography Action! program offers tools and resources for educators to bring geography to life through school and community events. You can participate and raise awareness by using these materials for a school or community event any time of the year, or during Geography Awareness Week, November 15-21, 2009.

Logo: Geography Awareness Week

To sign up for Geography Awareness Week updates and find more online activities for exploring cultures, physical geography, geospatial technologies, global hot spots, and geographic careers, visit My Wonderful World.

Geography Action! Mapping Europe

The newest toolkit, Geography Action! Mapping Europe, is now available for free download for use for classroom activities, awareness events, and after-school programs. Find all you need to build a huge wall or floor map of Europe, as well as in-depth activities for grades K-12. Download the toolkit, tile map, and Europe support materials by clicking on each of the links:

For primary-age students, find activities and lessons for a hands-on introduction to map features, symbols, and communication about places and spaces. Students 4th grade and older can map and analyze Europe-focused data sets that give insight into patterns of animal species, tourism, or energy and environmental concepts across the continent. Help students explore layering of data to better understand aspects of the planet from local to global scales.

Geography Action! Mapping the Americas

In this free, downloadable toolkit you’ll find activities to give students a new view of North and South America. Students of all ages can build a jumbo-sized map, then add cultural and environmental information provided to the continents that will help students see geographic patterns. The toolkit includes ideas for hands-on activities as well as tips for fantastic school and community events.

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