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Migration: The Human Journey

Migration: The Human Journey

Photo: Shepherd in the Andes

About Migration

Geography Action! invites you to learn more about how culture, language, and humanity spread across the globe. People, places, and spaces are continually changing. Learn about your migration story and how it compares and connects with others around the world.

Migration Lesson Plans

Photo: Sand tracks

The Genographic Project uses DNA as a study tool to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species and to answer age-old questions surrounding the genetic diversity of humanity.

Migration Maps

Map: World

Follow the genetic footprints of the first humans as they spread around the globe with the Atlas of the Human Journey, and explore events in human history that genetically marked migration with the Atlas of Human History.

Migration Activities

Photo: Women carrying supplies

Tell your own migration story through stories, maps, and images! These activities encourage students of all ages to learn about the cultural heritage in their own communities.

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Photo: Guillermo Cock at Inca burial site

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