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Photo: Coastline

About Oceans

Though not a past theme of the Geography Action! program, oceans are a critical component to the Earth's ecosystem, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface. Oceans help maintain a healthful environment for Earth by regulating the air temperature and by supplying the moisture for precipitation. This resource page has been created to aid educators interested in covering the oceans in their classrooms.

Oceans Maps

Map: World

Tile maps are large wall or table top maps that you can print and assemble for a rich hands-on mapping experience. The National Geographic Water Planet tile map highlights ocean floor features and rivers on every continent. Download the map, print, and laminate for a reusable map that you can use with activities and lesson plans from National Geographic Education. Get the tile map and support materials by clicking on the following links:

Oceans Activities

Photo: Ocean life

Dive deeper into ocean life with activities from National Geographic's Crittercam.

Other Resources

Photo: Underwater exploration

Take the plunge with National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence who are experts on all things ocean from the wreck of Titanic to the world's largest floating trash barge.

National GeographicGeography Action! Themes

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Photo: Guillermo Cock at Inca burial site

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Photo: Swimming polar bear

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