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Photo: Canoe on river

About Rivers

Join Geography Action! and discover connections between people and rivers. Rivers provide our drinking water, nourish our agriculture, and support many endangered species. While each river is unique, all rivers are part of larger systems, and have common characteristics that enable us to understand how they function and how to protect them. River conservation strives to maintain two things: the quantity of water within a system, and the quality of rivers—and of everything else—within a river system and watershed.

Rivers Lesson Plans

Photo: Elephants walking in water

Learn about river systems and the environments they support around the world with lesson plans for classrooms of all ages.

Rivers Maps

Map: World

Dive into the historical and contemporary issues of rivers with these interactive maps detailing the impact development has on the course and habitat of rivers and river systems.

Rivers Activities

Photo: Man fishing

People, wildlife, plant life—all are connected to rivers through watersheds. The activities below can help you see how you’re connected to rivers and to your water supply.

Other Resources

Photo: Women gathering in river

Watch videos of Zambia’s Zambezi, Kafue, and Luangw Rivers.

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Photo: Guillermo Cock at Inca burial site

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