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Herod's Tomb

Herod's Tomb. Please install flash.
Play the Herod's Lost Tomb Game!

More About Herod's Tomb

Photo: King Herod walks with one of his soldiers in a re-creation

On TV: Herod’s Lost Tomb

Explore the works of Herod the Great, and watch exclusive clips from the NGC special.

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Photo: King Herod examines an architectural model in a re-creation

Video: Who was King Herod?

Go inside the life of Herod: one of the Bible's great villains and an architectural genius.

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Photo: A bathhouse in Herod the Great’s winter palace

Quiz: King Herod

Test your knowledge about Herod the Great, King of Judaea, by taking our eight-question quiz.

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Photo: An aerial view of Masada, Israel at sunset

Photo Gallery: Visionary Builder

Long reviled as a villain, Herod was one of the most imaginative builders of the ancient world.

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Image: A screen from NGC's Expedition Game

Be the Ultimate Adventurer

Gruff mercenary or mad professor? Create the ultimate adventurer and join expeditions to find priceless ancient artifacts.

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Image: Screen from Herod’s Lost Tomb game

Free Game Trial: Herod’s Lost Tomb

Download a free trial of the Herod’s Lost Tomb game. Find objects hidden among historical sites brought to life by beautiful photography.

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Photo: Aerial view of the Herodium complex

Photo Gallery: Herod’s Kingdom

See photos of King Herod's architectural masterpieces, like the fortress at Masada, the harbor at Caesarea, and Jerusalem's Western Wall.

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Photo: Excavations at Herod's tomb

King Herod's Reign

Learn about the controversial life of Herod the Great, a king so despised, his tomb was deliberately destroyed by Judaean rebels?

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Herod's Lost Tomb

See Herod's Lost Tomb on NGC

Watch exclusive video. Explore Herod's wonders.

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Cover: National Geographic magazine

National Geographic
The Real King Herod

Read the article, watch video, see photos, and take the King Herod quiz.

King Herod Revealed