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Resources and Links
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 Web Links
Bellona Foundation Report on Russian Northen Fleet
Uncover the detailed technical history of Russian nuclear submarines and potential environmental hazards of derelict subs.
CNN Interactive: Cold War
Interactive maps, capsule biographies, rare videos, and more shed light on the post-World War II era.
CNN: Raising of Kursk
Get the latest news on the Kursk investigation, plus interactive diagrams of the wreck and more.
Fast Attacks & Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War
Explore the history and technology of Cold War submarines in this companion site to a Smithsonian Institution exhibition.
Saratoga Museum Foundation
Find out more about the Juliett-class submarine used to portray K-19 in the movie.
Submarines, Secrets, and Spies
At this PBS site take a virtual tour of an active nuclear submarine, find out what life aboard a sub is like, and learn about the science of sound underwater.
U.S. Navy Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Find quick facts, photos, and detailed historical accounts of U.S. Navy boats and submarines.
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 National Geographic Resources
Huchthausen, Peter. K-19: The Widowmaker—The Secret Story of the Soviet Nuclear Submarine. National Geographic Books, 2002.
Ballard, Robert. “NR-1, the Navy’s Inner-Space Shuttle.” National Geographic, April 1985.
McKnew, Thomas. “Four-Ocean Navy in the Nuclear Age: Revolutionized by the Atom, Far-Ranging United States Forces Afloat Contribute Unprecedented Strength to the Cause of Peace.” National Geographic, February 1965.
Anderson, George W., Jr. “Our Nuclear Navy.” National Geographic, March 1963.
Fisher, Allan C., Jr. “Our Navy’s Long Submarine Arm: Snorkel-Equipped Prowlers Bring a New Era, and the Atomic Sub Now Being Built Promises a Far Greater Undersea Revolution.” National Geographic, November 1952.
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 Other Resources
Compton-Hall, Richard. Submarine Boats: The Beginnings of Underwater Warfare. Arco Publishing, 1984.
Compton-Hall, Richard. The Submarine Pioneers. Sutton Publishing, 1999.
Duncan, Francis. Rickover and the Nuclear Navy: The Discipline of Technology. Naval Institute Press, 1990.
Pavlov, A. S. Warships of the USSR and Russia: 1945-1995. Naval Institute Press, 1997.
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