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Evolution of Subs

U.S. and Soviet Submarine Milestones of the Cold War

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Definitions of “beam,” “draft,” “displacement”

1960: Hotel Class (Soviet)
First Soviet Nuclear-Powered, Ballistic Missile Subs


Soviet: Hotel Class
A Hotel-class sub seen from a U.S. Navy plane off Newfoundland, 1972
Photograph courtesy U.S. Navy

The Hotel-class submarines were the first Soviet nuclear subs equipped with ballistic missiles. The Hotel design was very similar to that of the November class, but with a compartment added to accommodate missiles.

The K-19, nicknamed “The Widowmaker” and “Hiroshima,” was the first in the Hotel class and experienced a variety of fatal accidents.

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Length: 374 ft (114 m) to 417 ft (127 m)

Beam: 30 ft (9 m)

Draft: 24 ft (7 m)

Displacement: 6,085 tons to 6,990 tons

Propulsion: 2 pressurized-water nuclear reactors, 2 propellers

Crew: Approx. 104

Armament: 8 torpedo tubes, 3 to 6 missile tubes

First Sub Commissioned: November 12, 1960

Maximum Speed: 26 knots (25 mph/41 kph)