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Lewis and Clark
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image: Route of July 25-August 7, 1805

Journal excerpts and maps from Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites


"we begin to feel considerable anxiety with rispect to the Snake Indians. if we do not find them or some other nation who have horses I fear the successfull issue of our voyage will be very doubtfull or at all events much more difficult in it's accomplishment. we are now several hundred miles within the bosom of this wild and mountainous country, where game may rationally be expected shortly to become scarce and subsistence precarious without any information with rispect to the country not knowing how far these mountains continue, or wher to direct our course to pass them to advantage or intersept a navigable branch of the Columbia... the probability is that we should not find any timber within these mountains large enough for canoes.... however I still hope for the best.... my two principal consolations are that from our present position it is impossible that the S.W. fork can head with the waters of any other river but the Columbia, and that if any Indians can subsist in the form of a nation in these mountains with the means they have of acquiring food we can also subsist."


"We are out of fresh meet, & nothing killed to day The Mountains on either side is high & rough we have two men with toumers and unable to work.

"Capt. Lewis deturmin to proceed on with three me[n] in Serch of the Snake Indians, tomorrow"

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Lewis's Woodpecker
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Northwestern Garter Snake
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