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Lewis and Clark
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From the Expedition Journals

Journal excerpts and maps from Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites


"All hands that are well employ’d in cutting logs and raising our winter Cabins, detached two men to Split boards. Some rain at intervales all last night and to day. The flees were so troublesom last night that I made but a broken nights rest, we find great dificuelty in getting those trouble[some] insects out of our robes and blankets. in the evening two Canoes of Clat Sops Visit us they brought with them Wappato, a black Sweet root they Call Sha-na toe qua, and a Small Sea Otter Skin, all of which we purchased for a fiew fishing hooks and a Small Sack of Indian tobacco which was given [us] by the Snake Inds."


"rained last night as usial and the great part of this day, the men complete Chimneys & Bunks to day, in the evening a Chief and 4 men come of the Clotsop nation.... Those Indians gave [us] a black root they call Shan-na-tah-que, a kind of Licquirish which they rost in embers and call Cul-ho-mo, a black berry the size of a Cherry & Dried which they call Shel-Well —all of which they prise highly and make use of as food to live on, for which Capt. Lewis gave the chief a cap of sheep skin and I his Son, ear bobs, Pice of riben, a pice of brass, and 2 small fishing hooks, of which they were much pleased. Those roots and berres, are greatfull to our Stomcks as we have nothing to eate but Pore Elk meet, nearly spoiled; & this accident of spoiled meet is owing to warmth & the repeeted rains, which cause the meet to tante before we can get it from the woods."


"Drewyer & party of hunters returned and informed they had killed 4 Elk, a party of 6 men was imediately sent for the meet, they returned at Dusk, with the 4 Elk, of which we had a sumptious supper of Elk Tongues & marrow bones which was truly gratifying.

The fort was completed this evening and at sun set we let The Indians know that, our custom will be to shut the gates at sun set, at which time they must all go out of the fort. those people who are verry foward and disegreeable, left the huts with reluctiance.... I saw flies & different kinds of insects in motion to day Snakes are yet to be seen, and Snales without cover is common and large, fowls of every kind common to this quarter abound in the Creek & Bay near us."

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