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Lewis and Clark
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From the Expedition Journals

Journal excerpts and maps from Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites


"as I was about to shake with the Grand Cheifs of all the villages there assembled they requested me to Set one minit longer with them.... the Chiefs informed that when we first came to their Country they did not beleive all we Said.... but they were now convinced that every thing we had told them were true, that they should keep in memory every thing which we had said to them, and Strictly attend to our advice, that their young men Should Stay at home and Should no[t] go again to war against any nation, that if any atacted them they should defend themselves, that we might depend on what they said, and requested us to inform their great father. the also requested me to tell the Ricaras to come and see them, not to be afraid that no harm Should be done them, that they were anxious to be in peace with them."


"A little above the Petite River de Seeoux we met a tradeing boat... of St. Louis bound to the River Jacque to trade with the Yanktons, this boat was in the care of a Mr. Henry Delorn.... we purchased a gallon of whiskey of this man... and gave to each man of the party a dram which is the first spirituous licquor which had been tasted by any of them since the 4 of July 1805. several of the party exchanged leather for linen Shirts and beaver for corse hats.... We advised this trader to treat the Tetons with as much contempt as possible and stated to him where he would be benefited by such treatment."


"I saw Several men on horseback which with the help of a spie glass I found to be Indians on the high hills.... I deturmined to find out who they were without running any risque of the party and indians, and therefore took three french men who could Speak the Mahar Pania and some Seeoux.... imedeately after I set out 3 young men set out from the opposite Side and swam next to me on the Sand bar. I derected the men to Speak to them.... they informed me that they were Tetons and their chief was Tar-tack-kah-sab-bar or the black buffalow this chief I knew very well to be the one we had seen with his band at Teton river which... had attempted to detain us in the fall of 1804 as we assended this river and with whome we wer near comeing to blows. I told those Indians that they had been deef to our councils and ill treated us as we assended this river two years past, that they had abused all the whites who had visited them since. I believed them to be bad people & should not suffer them to cross to the Side on which the party lay... that if any of them come near our camp we Should kill them certainly."


"I steped on Shore and was Saluted by the two great Chiefs, whome we had made or given Medals to as we assend[ed] this river in 1804. I Set my self down on the Side of the Bank and the Chiefs & brave men of the Ricaras & Chyennes formed a cercle around me… I informed them as I had before informed the Mandans & Menitarras, where we had been, what we had done and said to the different nations in there favour and envited Some of their chiefs to accompany us down and See their great father and receve from his own mouth his good councils and from his own hands his bountifull gifts… I also told the ricaras that I was very sorrey to here that they were not on friendly terms with their neighbours the Mandans & Menetarras and had not listened to what we had said to them… how could they expect other nations would be at peace with them when they themselves would not listen to what their great father had told them… I told to them all that if they wished to be hapy that they must Shake off all intimecy with the Seioux and unite themselves in a Strong allience and attend to what we had told them [etc.] which they promesed all to do and we Smoked and parted on the best terms."

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