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Lewis and Clark
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From the Expedition Journals

Journal excerpts and maps from Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites


"At 11 A.M. we met a Captain McClellin... of the U States Army assending in a large boat. this gentlemen an acquaintance of my friend Capt. Lewis was Somewhat astonished to see us return and appeared rejoiced to meet us. we found him a man of information and from whome we received a partial account of the political State of our country, we were makeing enquiries and exchangeing answers [etc.] untill near mid night. this Gentleman informed us that we had been long Since given [up] by the people of the U S Generaly and almost forgotton, the President of the U. States had yet hopes of us, we received some civilities of Capt. McClellin, he gave us Some Buisquit, Chocolate Sugar & whiskey, for which our party were in want and for which we made a return of a barrel of corn & much obliged to him."


"the party being extreemly anxious to get down ply their ores very well, we saw some cows on the bank which was a joyfull Sight to the party and caused a Shout to be raised... we came in Sight of the little french Village called Charriton the men raised a Shout and Sprung upon their ores and we soon landed opposit to the Village. our party requested to be permited to fire off their Guns which was alowed & they discharged 3 rounds with a harty cheer.... we landed and were very politely received.... we purchased of a citizen two gallons [7.6 liters] of Whiskey for our party.... every person, both French and americans seem to express great pleasure at our return, and acknowledged themselves much astonished in seeing us return. they informed us that we were supposed to have been lost long since."


"At 4 P M we arived in Sight of St. Charles, the party rejoiced at the Sight of this hospita[b]l[e] village plyed thear ores with great dexterity and we Soon arived opposit the Town this day being Sunday we observed a number of Gentlemen and ladies walking on the bank, we saluted the Village by three rounds from our blunderbuts and the Small arms of the party, and landed near the lower part of the town. we were met by great numbers of the inhabitants, we found them excessively polite.... the inhabitants of this village appear much delighted at our return and seem to vie with each other in the politeness to us all."

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