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Lewis & Clark
Journey Leg 10

Toward the Continental Divide
July 21-August 07, 1805

The closer the captains came to the mountains, the more formidable the snow-covered peaks became. Once across the Continental Divide, they could ride the westward-flowing Columbia River. But the trek from the Missouri River to the Columbia River was going to require horses. And to get horses, the expedition would have to find the Shoshone tribe.

Back at Fort Mandan, the Hidatsa had told Lewis and Clark that they would meet up with the horse-rich Shoshone. But so far, to the captains' great concern, they had not encountered any of the tribe.


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Lewis's Woodpecker
Mountain Lion
Northwestern Garter Snake
Pinyon Jay
Plains Western Hognose Snake
Richardson's Blue Grouse
Leafy or Dwarf Thistle
Water Birch
Three Forks