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Lewis & Clark
Journey Leg 17

Among the Nez Perce
April 29-June 09, 1806

Almost out of food, the expedition arrived back in Nez Perce territory, where it had to wait until the weather improved before trying to cross the snow-covered Bitterroots. Until their departure the men faced a diet of dried fish and roots, with occasional meat—deer, elk, horse, or dog.

During the wait with the Nez Perce, Lewis busied himself with ethnography and nature studies, Clark with treating sick members of the tribe. By early June the expedition was equipped with fresh horses and ready to continue east. Against the advice of the Nez Perce—who believed that the Americans could not make it across the Bitterroots until July—Lewis and Clark left Camp Choppunish and set out for the mountains.


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Spring Birch
Tolmie's Onion
Varileaf Phacelia
Western Wallflower
Wilcox's Beardtongue
Yellow Bell
Nez Perce Indians
Boulder Field
Salmon River
Snake River