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Lewis & Clark
Journey Leg 7

Rockies in Sight
May 04-28, 1805

In early May the expedition almost lost one of its two pirogues when a sudden gust of wind caught the sails and heeled the vessel over on its side. Only quick action by Sacagawea, who was riding in the vessel, saved precious journals and supplies that otherwise would have been lost. The young woman reached into the river and retrieved as much as she could.

By now Lewis and Clark were growing ever more anxious to catch sight of the Rockies, the mountain barrier they knew they would have to cross. In the last week of May, Lewis saw the mountains for the first time. He was filled with joy, immediately tempered by a realization of the challenge that lay ahead.

The captains were eager to reach the Rockies, but progress was slow along the frequently bending river, which was now shallow and filled with jutting rocks.


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