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Lewis and Clark
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image: Sea Otter
Photograph by Kennan Ward/Corbis
Sea Otter

Enhydra lutris nereis

Subspecies of Sea Otter

First Noted by Expedition
November 20, 1805, when the men first saw furs—Baker's Bay, north side of Columbia estuary, Pacific County, Washington.

Body dark brown; head and back of neck yellowish or grayish. Fairly short tail, thick at base, gradually tapering. Feet webbed; hind feet flipperlike. Length: 48 in (117 cm); tail: 12 in (29 cm). Weight: 45–65 lb (20-30 kg).

Kelp beds and rocky shallows within a mile (1.5 km) of shore, especially places with abundant shellfish.

Pacific Ocean off California, mainly Monterey Bay Big Sur.

Lewis and Clark never actually saw live otters, only their furs, which were traded among the local people.

Species information from enature.com

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