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Lewis and Clark
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Eastern Woodrat
(Florida Woodrat)

Neotoma floridana

First Noted by Expedition
May 31, 1804, below the mouth of the Osage River, Missouri.

Grayish brown above; white or grayish below. Bicolored tail is less than half total length. Throat hairs gray at base. Length: 1217 in (343 cm); tail: 58 in (12.720.3 cm). Weight: 7.116 oz (200455 g).

Rocky cliffs, caves, tumbled boulders in southern Illinois and elsewhere when available; Osage orange and other hedges and wooded low areas throughout South.

Southern South Dakota and northern Nebraska; eastern Colorado; southern Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri; south through Oklahoma and eastern Texas; and southeastward through southern states to mid-peninsular Florida.

The Florida woodrat was once combined with the Allegheny woodrat as a single species called the eastern woodrat.

Species information from enature.com

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