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Lewis and Clark
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Tolmie's Onion

Allium tolmiei

First Noted by Expedition
May 30, 1806, at Camp Chopunnish, Idaho County, Idaho.

Wild onion from the Pacific Northwest. It arises from oval bulbs which are often clustered. It has two leaves which are usually wide, thickened, and flat in cross-section. Leaves 0.04-0.4 in (1-10 cm) wide, and usually up to twice as long as the flower stem. Flowers 0.2-0.5 in (6-12 cm) long, with 6 pink, narrow tepals which taper to points. Height: 2-9.8 in (5-25 cm).

Found on dry, open ground, usually in rocky, gravelly, or clay soils.

Southeastern Washington south to northeastern California, and east to western Idaho.

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