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Lewis and Clark
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image: Red-Necked Grebe
Illustration from Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia/Corbis
Red-Necked Grebe

Podiceps grisegena holbollii

Subspecies of Red-Necked Grebe

First Noted by Expedition
March 10, 1806, at Fort Clatsop, Oregon.

Large grebe with heavy, tapered, yellowish bill almost as long as the head. Length 20 in (51 cm).

Usually silent. On breeding grounds, a variety of squeaks, growls, and wailing calls.

Ponds and lakes in summer; large lakes, coastal bays, and estuaries in winter and migration.

Breeds from Alaska and northern Canada south to Oregon, Idaho, Ontario, and southern Minnesota; rarely east to southern Quebec. Winters south along coasts to southern California and Georgia, rarely to Florida.

Highly aquatic, grebes can swim with only their heads above water, concealing themselves in low pond vegetation.

Species information from enature.com

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