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Lewis and Clark
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image: Northern Raccoon
Photograph by Michael & Patricia Fogden/Corbis
Northern Raccoon

Procyon lotor hirtus

Subspecies of Common Raccoon

First Noted by Expedition
June 13, 1804, near the Chariton River, Missouri.

Usually gray-brown or orange-brown above, with much black; grayish below. Face has black mask outlined in white. Tail bushy, with four to six alternating black-and-brown or brownish-gray rings.

Various wooded and wetland habitats; common along wooded streams. Often found in cities and suburbs as well as in rural areas.

Southern Canada through most of U.S. except for portions of Rocky Mountains, central Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Its common name is derived from aroughcoune, an Algonquin Indian word meaning "he scratches with his hands."

Species information from enature.com

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