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Lewis and Clark
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image: Golden Yarrow
Photograph by Joel W. Rogers/Corbis
Golden Yarrow
(Oregon Sunshine, Common Woolly Sunflower)

Eriophyllum lanatum

First Noted by Expedition
June 6, 1806, at Camp Chopunnish, Idaho County, Idaho.

A grayish, woolly, leafy plant with several branched stems ending in short leafless stalks and golden-yellow flower heads. Flower heads 1.5-2.5 in (3.8-6.3 cm) wide. Height: 4-24 in (10-60 cm).

Dry thickets and dry open places.

British Columbia to southern California and western Nevada; east to northeastern Oregon and western Montana.

This common and variable species often colors banks along roads in drier portions of the West with a blaze of yellow. The plant's white hairs, by reflecting heat and reducing air movement across the leaf's surface, conserve water.

Species information from enature.com

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