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Lewis and Clark
SHOWING RECORD: 28 of 33   Wilcox's Beardtongue
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image: Wilcox's Beardtongue
Photograph from Lewis and Clark Herbarium/Academy of Natural Sciences
Wilcox's Beardtongue

Penstemon wilcoxii

First Noted by Expedition
May 20, 1806, at Camp Chopunnish, Idaho County, Idaho.

Wildflower with one to several narrow stems which rise in a cluster to 39 in (100 cm) in height. The basal leaves are large, to 8 in (20 cm) in length. They are long and elliptical to deltoid in shape. Flowers blue to purple, with a pale throat and yellow hairs, up to 0.9 in (2.3 cm) in length.

Found on rocky slopes to thick forests from the foothills to subalpine elevations in the mountains.

Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon northward through extreme eastern Washington, eastward through most of Idaho (north of the Snake River) into western Montana.

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