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Lewis and Clark
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image: Large-Flowered Clammyweed
Illustration by Mary E. Eaton
Large-Flowered Clammyweed
(Red-Whisker Clammyweed)

Polanisia trachysperma

First Noted by Expedition
August 25, 1804, in Vermillion, South Dakota.

Sticky short hairs cover this strong-smelling, branched plant which has palmately compound leaves and racemes of white or cream flowers 0.3-0.8 in (0.8-2 cm) long. Height: 4-32 in (10-80 cm).

Sandy slopes and flats, common along washes, in deserts, on plains, and among piñon and juniper.

Southeastern Oregon; east across northern states to Minnesota; south to northeastern California, southern Arizona, northern Mexico, and most of Texas.

The common name, clammyweed, refers to the sticky, moist glands on the surface of this plant.

Species information from enature.com

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