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Lewis and Clark
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image: Large-Head Clover
Photograph by Pat O'Hara/Corbis
Large-Head Clover
(Big-Head Clover)

Trifolium macrocephalum

First Noted by Expedition
April 17, 1806, at The Dalles, Oregon.

An unusual low clover with large round heads of red to deep pink "pea flowers." Leaves palmately compound, with 3-9 leaflets, each 0.3-1 in (0.8-3 cm) long, thick, leathery, with teeth on edges.
Flower heads 1.3-2 in (3.1-5 cm) wide; calyx teeth feathery. Height: 4-12 in (10-30 cm).

Sagebrush deserts and pine woods.

Eastern Washington to east-central California, western Nevada and Idaho.

The name Trifolium, referring to the trio of leaflets, is contradicted in this species, which usually has six to nine.

Species information from enature.com

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