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Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Expedition Discoveries and Tribes Encountered

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Indian tribes encountered by the expedition:

Alsea Indians
Amahami Indians (Anahami, Ahaharway, Wattasoon)
Arikara Indians (Sahnish)
Assiniboin Indians
Atsina Indians (Gros Ventre)
Bannock Indians
Blackfeet Indians
Cathlamet Indians (Kathlamet)
Cayuse Indians
Chehalis Indians (Chilwitz, Chiltz)
Cheyenne Indians
Chinook Indians
Clackamas Indians
Clatskanie Indians
Clatsop Indians
Cowlitz Indians
Crow Indians (Absaroka)
Flathead Indians (Salish)
Hidatsa Indians
Kickapoo Indians
Klickitat Indians (Klikitat)
Kootenai Indians (Kootenay, Kutenai)
Mandan Indians
Minitari Indians (Minnetaree)
Missouri Indians
Multnomah Indians
Nez Perce Indians (Sahaptin, Shahaptin)
Omaha Indians
Oto Indians
Palouse Indians (Palus)
Pawnee Indians
Quinault Indians
Shoshone Indians (Snake)
Siletz Indians
Siuslaw Indians
Skilloot Indians
Tenino Indians
Teton Sioux Indians
Tillamook Indians
Umatilla Indians
Umpqua Indians
Wahkiakum Indians (Wahkiaku)
Walla Walla Indians (Walula)
Wanapum Indians (Wanapam, Sokulks)
Wasco Indians (Kiksht)
Wishram Indians (Wishham, Tlakluit)
Yakima Indians
Yankton Sioux Indians (Nakota)
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