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image: Lewis and Clark Great Journey West
Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West
Two hundred years after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set forth on their historic journey, National Geographic meticulously recreates the expedition. Narrated by Jeff Bridges, the film immerses you in the adventure, danger, and beauty of the journey. Available in VHS or DVD.


image: How We Crossed the West
How We Crossed the West
This children's book is a wonderful telling of the three-year journey of Lewis and Clark, and the people and events they encountered. Richly illustrated in a watercolor style that echoes the folk art of the period, it is a window into United States history.
image: Journals of Lewis and Clark
National Geographic Adventure Classics: Journals of Lewis and Clark
The first abridgement to correct Lewis and Clark's famously poor spelling and grammar, this single-volume edition, edited by Anthony Brandt, includes a more balanced account of enounters with Native Americans, and takes the reader through the journey's impressive highlights.
image: Lewis and Clark Trail Guide
Lewis and Clark Trail Guide
Join historian Thomas Schmidt as he recreates the historic journey of Lewis and Clark through the uncharted West. With 75 colorful pictures and 12 route maps, the trail guide details how the West looked 200 years ago and contrasts that view with that of today.
image: Lewis and Clark: Voyage of Discovery
Lewis and Clark: Voyage of Discovery
In this exclusive special edition, author Stephen Ambrose and photographer Sam Abell take you on the adventure of a lifetime, tracing the footsteps of Lewis and Clark.


image: Lewis and Clark Peace Medal
Lewis and Clark Peace Medal
Lewis and Clark carried specially commissioned medals to present to the indigenous people they encountered. This replica of that medal, struck in bronze by the United States Mint, shows Thomas Jefferson on one side and the clasped hands of peace and friendship on the reverse.

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