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Elaine Hiesey Pagels

Elaine Pagels is the Harrington Spear Paine Foundation Professor of Religion at Princeton University. Prior to joining Princeton in 1982, she headed the Department of Religion at Barnard College and previously was an associate professor at Columbia University. She is the author of many books and articles on Gnosticism and Early Christianity. Among her books are Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas (Random House, 2003), The Origin of Satan (Random House, 1995), Adam, Eve, and the Serpent (Random House, 1988) and The Gnostic Gospels (Random House, 1979). Pagels received the Centennial Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Society from Harvard University in June 2005. She is a member of the Task Force on Progressive Religion in America, convened at the Ford Foundation, and was awarded MacArthur Prize Fellowship (1980-85), the Guggenheim Fellowship (1979-80), and Rockefeller Fellowship (1978-79). Pagels received her bachelor's and master's degrees from Stanford University and her Ph.D. from Harvard University.

"Whether or not one agrees with it, it's an enormously interesting perspective. Like the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and other ancient texts that remained virtually unknown for nearly 2,000 years, the Gospel of Judas offers startling new perspectives on familiar gospel stories: These discoveries are changing the way we understand the beginnings of Christianity."

—Elaine Hiesey Pagels

Follow this link to National Geographic magazine online to hear what this scholar has to say about the discovery.