Pinnacles Powder, Yellowstone, Country

Power turn in Pinnacles powder at Big Sky Resort

Photograph by Jeff Hawe

Montana’s Yellowstone Country

As the premier winter vacation destination in the northern Rockies, Montana’s Yellowstone Country is known as much for its terrain as for its snowfall, which often exceeds over 400 inches per season, much of it dry, light powder. What might surprise you, though, is how much there is to do. Obviously, there’s world-class alpine skiing, with four of Montana’s five largest ski areas, including Big Sky Resort, Moonlight Basin, Bridger Bowl, and Red Lodge Mountain.

There’s also phenomenal cross-country skiing at Lone Mountain Ranch, Bohart Ranch, Rendezvous Trail, and within Yellowstone National Park. America’s first national park also offers snowcoach tours, snowmobiling and winter wildlife spotting tours, which can include wolves, bison and a number of other fascinating creatures, as well as geothermal and physical features unique to Yellowstone National Park. And Montana’s Yellowstone Country offers the park’s only winter entrances that are accessible to vehicular traffic.

Yellowstone Country also offers hundreds of miles of snowmobiling trails outside of the park boundaries and across much of south-central and southwest Montana. For those of a heartier spirit, ice climbing, dog-sledding and snowshoeing opportunities abound. And the winter season allows visitors to pack it all in: the snow is usually here to stay by late-October and can last until May, meaning that Yellowstone Country enjoys one of the longest, snowiest winters in the country, every year.

Winters in Yellowstone Country tend to be warmer than in Chicago, Minneapolis, and a number of other Midwestern cities and are highlighted by plenty of sunshine, illuminating the famed “big sky” Montana is noted for. Sprinkled with quaint, charming, authentic mountain towns with cultural and culinary surprises, Yellowstone Country is also one of the last unspoiled places left on this planet.

From picturesque panoramas to surreal surroundings draped in snow-covered splendor, there’s no end to the adventures that await you in America’s Winter Playground.

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