How far will explorer Bob Ballard go to find
the lost carriers of the Battle of Midway?
Dive deep down to find out.

Ocean Surface
400 feet deep
(122 meters)

This was the depth to which
World War II U.S. and Japanese
submarines operated.
1,250 feet deep
(381 meters)
At this depth, the
Empire State Building
would be completely
under water.
1,600 feet deep
(488 meters)
Below this depth, sunlight
from the ocean surface
is not visible to
the human eye.
Roman Shipwrecks
2,800 feet deep
(853 meters)
This is the depth of the ancient
Roman shipwrecks Robert Ballard’s
research team explored in the
Mediterranean Sea.
Sperm Whale
5,280 feet deep
(1,609 meters)
One mile.
Sperm whales often dive
this far in pursuit of
the giant squid.
6,600 feet deep
(2,012 meters)
Modern Russian nuclear-
propelled submarines can
reach this depth.
10,560 feet deep
(3.2 kilometers)
Two miles.
12,450 feet deep
(3,795 meters)

This was the depth
at which Bob Ballard
discovered the R.M.S.
Titanic in 1985.
The ship sank
on April 15, 1912.
14,494 feet deep
(4,418 meters)
At this depth, Mount Whitney,
the highest peak in the
contiguous United States, would be
completely submerged.
15,617 feet deep
(4,763 meters)

The German warship Bismarck
sank to this depth
in the North Atlantic
on May 27, 1941.

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