Herod's Lost Tomb

Explore the ancient biblical world, uncover hidden archeological clues, and help researchers solve the mystery of Herod’s Lost Tomb in this hidden object game from National Geographic.


Based on a major television event, Herod’s Lost Tomb allows players to join archeologists as they excavate masterpieces of ancient architecture and examine clues that reveal the final resting places of one of the Bible’s most infamous characters.

Using classic hidden object gameplay and controls designed specifically for the iPhone, players must explore a variety of environments and find the hidden items in each location.

Can you find the clues and uncover the grave? Find out in Herod’s Lost Tomb from National Geographic!

Herod’s Lost Tomb comes in both a free lite version and a paid full version.


English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (Herod’s Lost Tomb HD)

Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later

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