Plan It Green

Congratulations! You’ve been elected mayor of Greenville— – your burnt-out industrial hometown— – and have promised to transform it into a thriving sustainable community.


In order to restore the city to its former beauty, you must change the ways of the past and bring about a new green future as you “Plan It Green.”

Your goal is to overhaul each city district by completing a wide range of projects. Watch as Greenville transforms before your eyes as you build eco-homes, apply green upgrades, develop environmentally clean jobs and industries, and even implement green agriculture. Use real life products and research the latest in green technologies using National Geographic’s Green Guide.

Great for all ages!


  • Earn points and prestige as you transform your hometown from an eyesore, into a beautiful Green City!
  • Hours of gameplay in both campaign and free play mode!
  • Improve 8 neighborhoods across 45 levels!
  • Upgrade your hometown with parks, eco-homes and environmental upgrades
  • Build eco-friendly houses, stores, and businesses
  • Pick the latest eco-upgrades

National Geographic: Supporting Exploration, Education, and Conservation Since 1888.

At the National Geographic Society, our mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. Our motto is “to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources.”

iPhone Specific Features:

  • Challenge Mode— challenge your friends in a head-to-head game where you develop a district for 20 days! When the time is up, the player with the highest score wins!
  • Tell a Friend— Send an email to a friend telling them about the game!
  • Scoreloop— You can challenge your friends to achieve the highest score, and keep track of your global high scores directly from your iPhone.


Developed by Merscom


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update

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