Best of 2010 News

  • Coffinette for the viscera of Tutankhamun.

    Best of Archaeology 2010

    From Titanic to Noah's Ark—Nat Geo News's most viewed stories told of vanishing treasures, rediscovered relics, and more.

  • An astronaut waves.

    Best Space Finds of 2010

    Bright meteors and mind-bending theories about the universe were among National Geographic News's most viewed space stories of 2010.

  •  A picture of a deep-sea octopus found during a recent expedition off Newfoundland -- possibly a new species

    Ten Weirdest New Animals of 2010

    A fish with "hands," a T. Rex leech, and a self-cloning lizard are among our picks for the weirdest new species in 2010.

  • A supermassive black hole.

    Best Cosmic Mindblowers of 2010

    From the end of time to black hole portals, wrap your brain around our editors' picks for some of 2010's odder astrophysics concepts.

  • Picture of worker cleaning up China oil spill

    Ten Most Overlooked Stories of 2010

    See our editors' picks of the best stories of 2010 that flew under the radar, including space-time "wrinkles" and squid plastic surgery.

  • An aerial picture of a sinkhole in Guatemala, 2010.

    Best News Pictures of 2010

    See our top photo galleries of 2010, including a shocking sinkhole in Guatemala, fish with "hands," volcanic lightning, and more.

  • Picture of a tube-nosed fruit bat found in Papua New Guinea.

    Top Ten Discoveries of 2010

    A time-bending earthquake, a fish with "hands," and "Yoda bat" are among National Geographic News's most visited coverage of 2010 discoveries.

  •  An aircraft against a solar eclipse seen from Thailand

    Best Space Pictures of 2010

    See our editors' picks of the best space pictures of 2010, including a "moonbow," a disintegrating spacecraft, and more.

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