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Nature Valley and nationalgeographic.com have teamed up to bring you ten great American hikes. Selected from “America’s Top 100 Adventures,” (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE, March/April 2000), these routes offer scenic beauty, physical challenge, and an opportunity to connect with the natural world.

When you follow these trails, bring along your favorite hiking boots and a supply of nourishing trail food. 100 percent natural Nature Valley crunchy granola bars are a perfect choice. Made from whole grain oats, Nature Valley granola bars give you the natural energy you need to get over the next ridge and discover for yourself why these ten hikes deserve to be on the map of anyone who loves the outdoors.

Nature Valley’s third featured hike takes you along the brillant green waters of the Buffalo River in Arkansas. Limestone bluffs and rugged box canyons lie along both banks of the wild, free-flowing watercourse. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore a unique and beautiful natural area.

Nature Valley and National Geographic invite you to discover these classic outdoor adventures.

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