Seminar : The Art of Nature Photography

Photograph by Eddie Soloway Photograph by Eddie Soloway

This seminar takes you on a visual journey and teaches you how to discover and capture the unique personality within every landscape. National Geographic photographer Eddie Soloway explains how to train your eye to identify the key elements in each scene that will make a more dramatic, artistically appealing photograph. Learn new ideas for working with light, movement, composition, and focus. See how finding fresh, unique perspectives will take your nature photography to a masterful, inspiring new level.

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Topics Covered

  • Discover Your Natural Eye

    Switch from "taking" a snapshot to "making" a photograph in order to bring energy and lasting impact into your compositions. Identify iconic elements that will best capture the essence of a place, and build an understanding of the qualities of light that can make or break a photo. The fundamental skills of being curious, moving slowly, and being thoughtful will bring a unique voice into your photography.

  • Tools and Tasks

    The sky is the limit with what you can create in-camera. The energy created from motion, or the painterly aesthetics achieved with focus, are guaranteed when you build a solid grasp of what your camera and lenses can do, and you master the intricacies of depth of field, shutter speed, and exposure. Use the attributes of your lenses to create strong perspective, depth, and story.

  • Bring a Fresh View to the Classic Landscape

    Discover artistic ways to portray landscapes that have been photographed many times. See how an unusual perspective, unexpected angle, or unconventional use of focus can make a familiar scene fresh, bring an intimate view to vast spaces, and set your images apart.

  • Create New Expressions

    Explore the rich, artistic world of photography. Once you gain foundational skills, breaking the rules lets you merge playfulness with thoughtfulness. Break out of your box and explore a big repertoire that includes abstractions, reflections, layers, and movement, to better your chance of responding in all kinds of light and situations.

  • Bringing Your Work into the World

    Traditional and digital possibilities merge to offer an abundance of ways to share your passion for nature with friends, family, and the world. Learn about making prints, publishing books, creating your owns cards and calendars, finding local galleries and venues, and producing video and multi-media projects. Consider a project, and the generous photographic legacy of raising awareness and bringing beauty into the world.

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