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Images that stand out from the crowd all have one thing in common—they capture a unique moment in time. Recognizing and seizing those special moments rarely happens by chance. National Geographic photographer Todd Gipstein shows you how to combine good planning, persistence, anticipation, fast reactions, and technical ability to capture moments that reflect what's truly special about the places, people, and experiences you witness.

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Topics Covered

  • Exploring Composition and Light

    Sharpen fundamental skills that will let you capture any moment with greater power and beauty. Learn how to use the essential ingredient of light to reveal texture, form, and color in your photographs. Also explore the geometry of composition and refine your choice of what to include in your images.

  • Finding a Fresh Point of View

    See how shooting from different angles can take an image from ordinary to extraordinary. Experiment with points of view that go beyond the expected to portray moments in a more unusual way.

  • Learning to See

    Discover how to anticipate and capture decisive moments that reveal something extra about your subject—a subtle turn of the head, explosive action, unusual behavior, exquisite light. See how forethought, planning, and going the extra mile can increase your chances of being at the right place and time to capture those one-of-a-kind instants.

  • Telling a Visual Story

    Elevate your creative vision and train your eyes to look for content and moments that tell a story. Learn how to identify the visual, intellectual, and intuitive elements that will help communicate an emotional, intriguing, or surprising message and leave a lasting impression.

  • Photographing People

    Hear tips on how to make your people pictures more pleasing, whether you're capturing moments with family, friends, or someone you've never met. Learn how to overcome your apprehension about approaching and photographing people, and actually enjoy the process of building trust and turning strangers into new friends.

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