Seminar : Digital Photography Basics

India, Photography by Jay Dickman India, photograph by Jay Dickman

This half-day seminar will teach you the basics of digital photography so you can take memorable pictures. Whether you are new to photography or just want to sharpen your skills, National Geographic's experts, with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jay Dickman, will deepen your understanding of how your camera works; explain key principles of focus, exposure, and composition; and share special shooting tips and strategies.

This seminar is lecture-based. It is not necessary to bring your camera, unless you want to use it to check specific settings or refer to it during the lecture.

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Topics Covered

  • Photography and the Camera

    Gain an overview of technology and camera mechanics while learning the core concepts of rendering great pictures by bringing together interesting subjects, strong composition, and light.

  • Composition

    Explore the art of photography and what elements to include in your pictures, how to frame your images, and how to apply the "rule of thirds," focal points, framing, and other points of composition to improve your shots.

  • Light and Exposure

    Understand more about using your flash, how light influences your pictures, and what you can achieve by experimenting with your camera settings.

  • Editing and Uploading Images

    Master the back-end process of importing your images into the computer, editing, and filing them.

  • Photographing Your World

    Discover special techniques that will allow you to photograph your favorite subjects with the best possible result.

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