Seminar : Nature & Landscape

Glen  Canyon, Utah, Photography by Michael Melford Glen Canyon, Utah, photograph by Michael Melford

Unearth the mysteries of nature and outdoor photography. Photographers Michael Melford and Eddie Soloway will teach you to approach the unique challenges of good nature photography and how to convert a multi-sensory world into a small, two-dimensional representation. Capture spaciousness, dynamic energy, quietude, and the simplicity of natural phenomena, as our pros show you how to photograph natural settings and awe-inspiring landscapes.

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Topics Covered

  • Lighting Your Fire for Nature Photography

    Transform your perception so you can observe surroundings in a way that makes taking outdoor photos come to life. Change your perspective and avoid the frustration of not getting your desired photo right away.

  • The Basics of Nature Photography

    Understand the basic skills of using light, controlling the focus of your photo-narrative, recognizing how composition and light influence the natural world, and successfully shooting despite challenging weather and overcast light.

  • What Makes a Great Nature Photograph

    Learn how to fine tune the details like edges, background, separation, framing, and poetic composition. Our experts will examine what makes a good photo and how to avoid common mistakes.

  • Gear: Keeping It Simple

    It's all in the bag—you may be surprised at how little the pros bring with them into the field. See the essentials that will help you keep your goals clear and your focus simple.

  • On Assignment: Behind the Scenes, From Start to Finish

    Photographing an assignment starts with research and preparation, but what happens when you arrive on location and things aren't what you expected? Working within your limits and solving problems creatively are lessons learned with experience. Follow the editorial process of nature photography from the initial shoot to the final product that appears in the media.

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