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Thailand, photography by Catherine Karnow Thailand, photography by Catherine Karnow

Find your voice as a photographer and train your eyes to capture photos of people and places that tell a story. Photographers Catherine Karnow and Dan Westergren will show you how to connect with your subjects and capture the spirit of a place. You'll learn how to explore a destination visually, anticipate a great moment, and photograph people in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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Topics Covered

  • Photographing People

    Photographing people can be intimidating once you get up close. Learn how to capture their character and the special moments in their lives while making it a rewarding experience for both of you. Find out how to connect with your subjects so you will be able to transform ordinary candid shots into extraordinary images.

  • Our Passion for Places: Storytelling Through Pictures

    Learn how to prepare yourself for your own photographic adventures by researching the local culture and landscape before you go. Understand the power of photographic style to make your photos tell the story of the places you've traveled. We'll suggest our top ten travel destinations and why they are good for photographers.

  • Connect With a Culture

    Build travel pictures that explore the culture of a place, whether it's by savoring food and wine, exploring history and architecture, relishing local arts and folkways, or recognizing the magical moments of everyday life.

  • Methods and Tips for Better Travel Photography

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at how amazing photos are made—not taken. Learn how to build pictures from the ground up by exploring a place visually, finding the perfect lighting and composition, and anticipating a great moment. Discover why the “decisive moment” is such a powerful photographic concept.

  • Sharing Your Pictures the Digital Way

    Use your photography to share your passion for the world—digitally. Learn more about photo-sharing sites and how to create your own, printing your photographs for display, creating your own cards and calendars, producing self-published books, finding local galleries and venues, and producing iMovies on DVD.

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