Seminar : People & Portrait Photography

Young girl leans on the pier, Rock, Cornwall, England, photograph by Catherine Karnow Young girl leans on the pier, Rock, Cornwall, England, photograph by Catherine Karnow

The secret to creating great photographs of people is getting to know your subjects and making a connection with them even before you pick up your camera. National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow will show you how it's done, whether you are shooting candid images and street scenes, or more formal portraits of family and friends. Learn important photographic techniques that help capture personality and improve the quality of your images.

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Topics Covered

  • Photographic Techniques that Make a Difference

    See how the key components of composition, depth-of-field, foreground elements, and angles play a key role in making a photograph more dynamic. Learn compositional techniques that will enhance the look and feel of your images; creating pictures with both visual and emotional appeal.

  • Understanding the Importance of Light

    Learn how to work with natural light, use simple flash, overcome challenges of working in low light, and train yourself to notice the source and direction of light in your scene. Most important, learn how to take full advantage of whatever available light you find in any situation.

  • Photographing Friends and Family

    Find out how to add interest to pictures by striking a balance between who you are photographing and where they are. Reflect the fun of traveling with friends and family by shooting special moments and activities that convey a true sense of place and capture enduring memories.

  • Photographing Strangers

    Learn the secrets of approaching people you don't know—what to say and what to ask. Find out ways to befriend people by first understanding their culture. See how turning encounters into rich, rewarding experiences will ultimately translate into the best photos.

  • Sharing Your Pictures the Digital Way

    Use your photography to share your passion for the world—digitally. Learn more about photo-sharing sites (and how to create your own), printing your photographs for display, creating your own cards and calendars, producing self-published books, finding local galleries and venues, and producing iMovies on DVD.

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