Seminar : Stills to Motion

Photography by Bob Krist Photograph by Bob Krist

Explore the ever-expanding world of multimedia technology as you learn to combine stills, video, and sound to tell more dynamic stories. Movement, music, dialogue, and ambient sound add rich new dimensions to subjects that still photography alone simply cannot. Photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist will help you transition from stills to motion—showing you how your images can reach out and connect with viewers in fresh new ways through a range of multimedia tools and techniques. This seminar welcomes all photographers, from beginners to professionals, who want to maximize their creativity for visual storytelling.

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Topics Covered

  • Learning to Use New Tools

    Get up to speed on the technical side of the latest tools and equipment for recording motion, collecting audio, and editing.

  • Choosing Your Story

    Hear how to change your approach from shooting single images to shooting "for story." Get tips on how to decide what the focus of your story should be—a person, place, moment, or activity that captures the essence of your journey.

  • Sound Advice

    Explore simple yet effective ways to gather audio, interview people, ensure recording quality, and enrich your story with ambient sound and narration.

  • Making the Move to Motion

    See how to make the jump to video, shoot sequences, and create a moving portrait of a place. Learn keys to anticipating and capturing action. Discover how to translate principles of framing, lighting, and composition from stills to a world in constant motion.

  • Ins & Outs of Editing

    Gain basic editing and sequencing techniques and strategies that let you bring it all together—integrating your sound, stills, and video into a compelling, cohesive narrative.

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