Seminar : The Photographic Eye

Photograph by Amy Toensing Photograph by Amy Toensing

The most memorable photographs begin with the art of seeing. National Geographic photographers Amy Toensing and Matt Moyer will help you refine your own "eye" for great shots. Learn how to elevate your creative vision by patience, planning, spontaneity, and careful observation. Hear Amy's secrets for connecting with people, Matt's insights on capturing landscapes, and how to hone your instinct for where to look and when to click.

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Topics Covered

  • Seeing with a Camera

    Deepen your understanding of how technical tools, perspective, depth of field, light, and composition can be used to make your images communicate more powerfully. Discover how to capture common subjects in new ways. Know when to use fundamental rules of photography—and when to break them.

  • Don't Take Photos———Make Photos

    See how focusing on quality, rather than quantity, can improve the images you bring home from any trip, event, or outing. Learn how to be more intentional about content and more skilled at spotting decisive photographic moments.

  • Capture Moments that Tell Stories

    Improve your ability to notice and catch moments that are often missed, and rarely seen again. Train your eye to look for unique instants and details that will tell the most distinctive visual story. Explore essential elements for making images communicate a more meaningful, memorable message.

  • Photographing People

    Explore three ways to make images of people: Portrait, fly on the wall, and street photography. Learn ways to connect with your subject in each of these situations, capture their character, and reflect the human spirit in the most authentic way.

  • Moving into Motion

    Take your skills a step further with tips on shooting video. Develop an eye for capturing action and events dramatically—creating videos that are a moving experience for viewers.

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