Seminar : Travel Photography Basics

Shy girl on the island of Fiji in the South Pacific, photograph by Todd Gipstein Shy girl on the island of Fiji in the South Pacific, photograph by Todd Gipstein

Make the most of your travels by capturing more compelling photographs at each place you visit. Learn the fundamentals of how to view destinations with a photographer's eye and shoot on location under a variety of challenging circumstances. National Geographic Photographer Todd Gipstein will share tips and techniques drawn from his own worldwide travels.

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Topics Covered

  • What Makes a Compelling Travel Subject?

    Understand how to identify the best subjects to shoot as you encounter new landscapes, people, and everything in between. Hear how to bring more creativity to your images and truly capture the moment.

  • Bring Back a Sense of Place

    Every destination has its own particular look, character, and emotional complexion. Learn how to capture those qualities in photographs that reflect not only where you went, but also how it felt—creating images that trigger memories and bring back sensations.

  • Review the Core Concepts

    Great travel shots begin with an understanding of the core principles of photography. Deepen your understanding of each key element: composition, the rule of thirds, light, and exposure.

  • Choose the Right Gear

    Hear the pros and cons of different equipment—from lenses to tripods. Get tips on how to pack and what to bring for each situation.

  • Sharing Your Images

    Digital photography and the internet give you more options than ever to share your travel photos with friends, family, or prospective publishers. Learn shortcuts for posting your images on the web, creating digital slideshows, and adding sound to your presentations.

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