Fall Series

Leaves in the fall, photograph by Eddie Soloway Leaves in the fall, photograph by Eddie Soloway

Creativity with Light

The right light is the secret ingredient that lets you turn an ordinary subject into a magical photograph. Photographers
Jay Dickman and Nevada Wier will help you recognize and work with a wide range of light—tackling its exposure challenges, exploring creative possibilities, using color strategically, and choosing the white balance.

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Mastering Travel Photography

Great travel photography requires a command of many skills—from close-up portraits, candid shots, street photography of festivals and celebrations, architecture and cityscapes, landscapes, nature and more. Photographers Ralph Lee Hopkins and Bob Krist will show you how versatility can improve your travel photos, while you develop an eye for composition and a feel for being in the right place at the right time.

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Nature & Landscape

Unearth the mysteries of nature and outdoor photography. Photographers Michael Melford and Eddie Soloway will teach you to approach the unique challenges of good nature photography and how to convert a multi-sensory world into a small, two-dimensional representation. Capture spaciousness, dynamic energy, quietude, and the simplicity of natural phenomena, as our pros show you how to photograph natural settings and awe-inspiring landscapes.

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People & Places

Find your voice as a photographer and train your eyes to look for photos that tell a story. Photographers Catherine Karnow and Jim Richardson will show you how to connect with your subjects and truly capture the spirit of a place. You'll learn how to explore a destination visually, anticipate a great moment, and photographing people in ways that create photos that leave a lasting impression.

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Simply Beautiful Photographs

Your photographs can be artistic creations and you'll learn the secrets to making the most appealing photographs possible. Renowned photographers, Annie Griffiths and Dan Westergren will take you on a visual journey and share their perspectives on what creates beauty in a photograph. They'll show you how to use light, color and most important how to see your subjects with a different eye.

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Storytelling Photography

Learn how to take your skills to the next level and create memorable, powerful visual narratives. Photographers Melissa Farlow and Aaron Huey will show you how to build a photo essay that reflects people, places, and moments in an authentic, meaningful way while showcasing your own unique style.

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The Travel Assignment

Now you can learn how National Geographic photographers make those outstanding pictures. National Geographic Traveler's photo editor, Dan Westergren, and photographer Catherine Karnow share the secrets behind capturing the most memorable images—from technical know-how to the instincts that guide their choice of subjects to shoot. See examples of published images and why they became the top selects.

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Spring Schedules 2015

  • Half Day Series

    Half-Day Series

    - Half-Day Seminars -

    Learn basic to advanced shooting techniques and sharpen your skills in a shorter period of time with our half-day seminars.

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  • Scottsdale Weekend


    - Weekend Photo Workshop -

    Join National Geographic photographers Annie Griffiths and Dan Westergren for a hands-on photography workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Deluxe accommodations at the Royal Palms Resort & Spa. April 17-20, 2015.

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