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French Polynesia, Photograph by Bob Krist French Polynesia, Photograph by Bob Krist

Adventure Travel Photography

If you've ever traveled to an exotic location or dream about exploring one, this seminar will give you tools to capture the true adventures you experience more skillfully. National Geographic photographers Nevada Wier and Michael Clark will share strategies and techniques to help you become a more versatile photographer when you travel to new surroundings. Learn how to capture the essence of new cultures and people, take great action shots, and work with any type of light. With insights from the pros, you'll come away with a creative approach that brings more emotional impact to your images and enriches your journeys.

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Creative Travel Photography

Great travel photography requires a command of many skills-from close-up portraits, candid shots, and street photography to landscapes, nature and more. National Geographic photographers Ralph Lee Hopkins and Susan Seubert will take you on a visual journey that shows you how to improve your travel photos, while you develop an eye for composition and a feel for being in the right place at the right time.

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Nature & Landscape

Unearth the mysteries of nature and outdoor photography. Photographers Michael Melford and Eddie Soloway will teach you to approach the unique challenges of good nature photography and how to convert a multi-sensory world into a small, two-dimensional representation. Capture spaciousness, dynamic energy, quietude, and the simplicity of natural phenomena, as our pros show you how to photograph natural settings and awe-inspiring landscapes.

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People & Cultures

Take your travel photography to the next level as you sharpen your skills and learn to capture the heart of each culture you explore. Photographers Annie Griffiths and Joanna Pinneo are renowned for their ability to connect with people from different cultures and create compelling visual stories about their lives. Gain insights on how you can make those personal connections, anticipate great moments, see iconic landscapes through fresh eyes, and bring home better images from any destination.

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The Photographic Eye

The most memorable photographs begin with the art of seeing. National Geographic photographers Amy Toensing and Matt Moyer will help you refine your own "eye" for great shots. Learn how to elevate your creative vision by patience, planning, spontaneity, and careful observation. Hear Amy's secrets for connecting with people, Matt's insights on capturing landscapes, and how to hone your instinct for where to look and when to click.

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The Travel Assignment

Now you can learn how National Geographic photographers create those outstanding pictures. National Geographic photographers Jim Richardson and Dan Westergren share the secrets behind capturing the most memorable images—from technical know-how to the instincts that guide their choice of subjects to shoot. See examples of published images and why they became the top selects.

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  • Half Day Series

    Half-Day Series

    - Half-Day Seminars -

    Learn basic to advanced shooting techniques and sharpen your skills in a shorter period of time with our half-day seminars.

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  • Workshops


    - Photo Workshops -

    Led by National Geographic photographers and instructors, our weekend and weeklong photo workshops feature hands-on instruction and assignments in the field. Or take your camera on the road with destinations ranging from Galápagos to Bhutan.

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