Half-Day Series

Adirondacks, Photograph by Michael Melford Adirondacks, Photograph by Michael Melford

Mastering Travel Photography

Great travel photography requires a command of many skills—from close-up portraits, candid shots, street photography of festivals and celebrations, architecture and cityscapes, landscapes, nature, and more. National Geographic photographers Jay Dickman (Dallas seminar) and Dan Westergren (Fort Lauderdale seminar) will show you how versatility can improve your travel photos, while you develop an eye for composition and a feel for being in the right place at the right time.

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Mastering Digital Photography

Elevate your photography skills as this seminar sheds light on every phase of the process including the mechanics of your camera, working with different kinds of light, improving composition, and anticipating great moments. National Geographic's expert and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Jay Dickman, will share his tips and artistic secrets for making more memorable, impactful images. Whether you are new to photography or ready to sharpen your skills, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of the principles of photography and how to apply them to enhance your own shots.

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Outdoor Adventure Photography

Creating images that capture incredible outdoor adventures requires technical savvy, familiarity with the environment, and an eye for composition. National Geographic photographer Michael Clark will inspire you with the drama of his adventure photography. You will learn how to apply his techniques to take your own outdoor photography skills to a new level—whether it's kayaking a canyon, hiking a mountain, exploring a National Park, or simply taking in a breathtaking view near your own backyard.

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People & Portrait Photography

The secret to creating great photographs of people is getting to know your subjects and making a connection with them even before you pick up your camera. National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow will show you how it's done, whether you are shooting candid images and street scenes, or more formal portraits of family and friends. Learn important photographic techniques that help capture personality and improve the quality of your images.

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The Art of Nature Photography

This seminar takes you on a visual journey—teaching you how to discover and capture the unique personality within every landscape. National Geographic photographer Eddie Soloway explains how to train your eye to identify the key element in each scene that will make a more dramatic, artistically appealing photograph. Learn new ideas for working with light, movement, composition, and focus. See how finding fresh, unique perspectives will take your nature photography to a masterful, inspiring new level.

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Travel Photography & Storytelling

Improving your travel photography takes more than understanding f-stops and shutter speeds. The next step is learning to tell a compelling story with your pictures. National Geographic Photographer Todd Gipstein will help you go beyond a single-image mindset to create a beautiful visual narrative of your journey.

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  • Full-Day Series

    Full-Day Series

    - All-Day Seminars -

    Register now for one of our all-day seminars welcoming all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals. Each covers a wide range of creative and technical subjects to improve your picture-taking skills.

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    - Photo Workshops -

    Led by National Geographic photographers and instructors, our weekend and weeklong photo workshops feature hands-on instruction and assignments in the field. Or take your camera on the road with destinations ranging from Galápagos to Bhutan.

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