Half-Day Series

Myanmar, photograph by Nevada Wier Myanmar, photograph by Nevada Wier

The Art of Nature Photography

This seminar takes you on a visual journey—teaching you how to discover and capture the unique personality within every landscape. National Geographic photographer Eddie Soloway explains how to train your eye to identify the key element in each scene that will make a more dramatic, artistically appealing photograph. Learn new ideas for working with light, movement, composition, and focus. See how finding fresh, unique perspectives will take your nature photography to a masterful, inspiring new level.

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Capture the Moment

Images that stand out from the crowd all have one thing in common—they capture a unique moment in time. Recognizing and seizing those special moments rarely happens by chance. National Geographic photographer Todd Gipstein shows you how to combine good planning, persistence, anticipation, fast reactions, and technical ability to capture moments that reflect what's truly special about the places, people, and experiences you witness.

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The Power of Light & Color

Transform your photography and expand your understanding of how light and color can enhance the quality and impact of your images. National Geographic photographer Nevada Wier will share techniques that broaden the way you think—and see—to create more compelling photographs.

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Stills to Motion

Explore the ever-expanding world of multimedia technology—combining stills, video, and sound to tell your stories. These rich new media outlets offer dimensions that paper never did; allowing your images to reach out and grab viewers in fresh new ways. Photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist will help you make the transition from stills to motion and become a multimedia storyteller.

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Travel Photography Basics

Make the most of your travels by capturing more compelling photographs at each place you visit. Learn the fundamentals of how to view destinations with a photographer's eye and shoot on location under a variety of challenging circumstances. Photographer Todd Gipstein will share tips and techniques drawn from his own worldwide travels.

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    Full-Day Series

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    Register now for one of our all-day seminars welcoming all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals. Each covers a wide range of creative and technical subjects to improve your picture-taking skills.

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    National Geographic offers a variety of ways to improve your photography skills. Our weekend and weeklong workshops cater to those who seek more intensive instruction and include field photography assignments.

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