• Photo: A group of people doing morning exercises outdoors

    Breaking the Rules

    Learn the Rules of Photography—Then Make Your Own

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Photo Tips From the Experts

  • Photo: Ocean spray

    Freezing Water

    When shooting a waterfall, photographer Jim Richardson says, you can take the clichéd route or try for something different.

  • Photo: Group photo of people dressed as vikings

    Taking Group Photos

    Which is worse: being attacked by Vikings or having to take a group photo? Photographer Jim Richardson takes the sting out.

  • Photo: An aerial view of wheat fields

    Working to Get More

    Photographer Jim Richardson recalls how working hard for the right shot can result in a big payoff.

  • Photo: Horse-drawn buggy

    Panning—Motion 101

    Discovering the trick of panning to stop motion was one of the most thrilling stages of his early photography, Jim Richardson says. Get his pro tips.

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