How Did the Journey Begin?

Around 10,000 years ago, a transition was underway in the Fertile Crescent. As tribes of nomadic hunters and gatherers began establishing permanent agrarian-based settlements, the African Wildcats in the region began providing humans with a valuable service: preying on the mice and other pests that fed on the harvests. Learn more about these remarkable cats, and how over the years, their descendants made a transition of their own—from life in the wilderness to life in our homes.

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Purina ONE® is on a journey to discover the true nature of cats. Our team of experts set out to observe the African Wildcat in its natural habitat to see firsthand how they behave and what makes them tick. The theory? Studying the lives and habits of a living genetic ancestor will lead to insights about how we can enrich the everyday lives of domestic cats.

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We're sharing our story of raising a shelter kitten according to his true nature so we can all discover ways to enrich the lives of domestic cats. Follow along with this series as Cash's adoptive owner applies what we’re learning with the help of our experts to raise him to be the cat he was born to be.

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The True Nature of Cats by Purina ONE community on Facebook is both a portal for our journey to better understand the domestic cat and a place for cat lovers to connect. Ask questions of our experts. Share your stories to add to our discoveries. Or learn from your peers. It all happens here.

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At Purina ONE, we believe a better understanding of the lives and behaviors of a wild ancestor, the African Wildcat, will help enrich the lives of domestic cats. And you can play an active role. We invite you to join the journey, and the conversation.

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