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Traveler Staff and Contributors

Who We Are    


Editor In Chief, Travel Media George W. Stone @travelerstone

Design Director Marianne Seregi @marianneseregi

Director of Photography Anne Farrar @annefarrar

Senior Editor Jayne Wise

Features Editor Amy Alipio @amytravels

Associate Editor Hannah Sheinberg @h_sheinberg

Deputy Art Director Leigh V. Borghesani

Associate Photo Editor Laura Emmons @lemmonsy

Chief Researcher Marilyn Terrell @Marilyn_Res

Production Director Kathie Gartrell @kgartrell

Digital Director Andrea Leitch @andrealeitch

Producers Marie McGrory @MarieMcG23, Lindsay Smith@LindsayN_Smith

Editor/Producer Christine Blau @Chris_Blau

Associate Producers Caity Garvey @caitygarvs

Senior Photo Producer Sarah Polger @sarahpolger

Associate Photo Producer Jess Mandia

Executive Assistant Alexandra E. Petri @writewayaround

Adventure Editor Mary Anne Potts

Editorial Projects Director Andrew Nelson @andrewnelson

Editors at Large and Travel Advisory Board Costas Christ@CostasChrist, Don George @don_george, Annie Fitzsimmons@anniefitz, Andrew McCarthy, @AndrewTMcCarthy, Norie Quintos,@noriecicerone, Robert Reid @reidontravel,

Contributing Editors Heather Greenwood Davis @greenwooddavis, Maryellen Kennedy Duckett, Katie Knorovsky@travkatiek, Margaret Loftus

Contributing Photographers Aaron Huey, Catherine Karnow, Jim Richardson, Susan Seubert

Production & Manufacturing Senior Vice President Phillip L. Schlosser

Director Gregory Storer

Advertising Production Director Kristin Semeniuk

Imaging Technician Andrew Jaecks

Communications Vice President Heather; 212-822-7093

Director of Communications Meg Calnan; 202-857-7545

Market Research Manager Tracy Hamilton Stone


Publisher & Vice President, Global Media Kimberly Connaghan

Vice President, Digital John Campbell

Advertising North America Sales Offices

11211 6th Ave, 20th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10036;

212-822-7432, Fax: 212-556-8113

National Brand Managers

New York | Brand Managers

Travel Directory Alex Sobrino, 212-822-7439

Southeast Caribbean | Brand Manager Maria; 305-756-1086

Midwest | Brand Manager Bill Graff

Detroit | Brand Manager Karen Sarris;248-358-4360

Rocky Mountain States | Scribner Media Services Tanya; 940-397-7711

West Coast Brand Manager Eric Josten

Hawaii | Destination Marketing Hawaii Debbie; 808-739-2200

Canada| Publicitas APR Françoise; 416-363-1388, Fax: 416-363-2889

Mexico & Central America Adelina; 011-52-555-543-7677, Fax: 011-52-555-543-7580

Magazine Publishing Administration

1145 17th St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036-4688

Business & Finance Magazine Publishing Vice President Margaret Schmidt

Senior Budget Manager Jeannette Swain

Business Specialist Allison Bradshaw

Advertising Research Director Carrie

Contracts Managers Cindy Ramroop, 202-775-6781; JoAnne Schultz 310-969-4064

Senior Vice President, Consumer & Member Marketing Elizabeth M. Safford

Vice President, Retail Sales John MacKethan

Circulation Director Mark Viola

Director, Marketing & Events Pandora Todd; 202-775-6795

Senior Vice President, International Media Yulia P.

Director, International Magazine Publishing Ariel

Editorial Office 1145 17th St. N.W.,

Washington, D.C. 20036-4688

National Geographic Society

President and CEO Gary E. Knell

Board of Trustees Chairman Jean N. Case

Vice Chairmen Tracy R. Wolstencroft

Explorers-in-Residence Robert Ballard, Lee Berger, James Cameron, Sylvia Earle, J. Michael Fay, Beverly Joubert, Dereck Joubert, Louise Leakey, Meave Leakey, Enric Sala

National Geographic Partners

CEO Declan Moore

Editorial Director Susan Goldberg

Chief Marketing and Brand Officer Claudia Malley

Chief Financial Officer Marcela Martin

Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe

Chief Communications Officer Laura Nichols

Chief Operating Officer Ward Platt

Legal and Business Affairs Jeff Schneider

Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Young

Board of Directors Chairman Gary E. Knell

Submissions Submission of photographs, articles, or other materials is done at the risk of the sender; Traveler cannot accept liability for loss or damage.

Subscriptions Published six times a year. U.S., $19.95 a year; Canada, $24.95 (U.S. funds); elsewhere, $32.95 (U.S. funds). For subscription questions, please call 1-800-NGS-LINE (647-5463). To subscribe online, visit

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