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    What about our world awes and inspires you? Is it the stature of an old-growth forest, the cultural celebrations of an indigenous people, or even an example of nature thriving in the most unlikely of conditions? Capture your best shot. We want your vision to inspire others and show them what’s at stake.

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    What are the challenges to long-term sustainability as you see them? Is it a picture of a threatened ecosystem, an image of urban congestion, or a portrait of the human condition? Show us what you see so that together, we can spark a conversation about what we need to do.

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    The world is full of hope. From rooftop gardens fed by rainwater to city streets reconfigured into bike pathways to community compost and recycling centers, the seeds of change are all around us. Share what you see so that others can adopt these best practices.

Message From Vale

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    About Vale

    As one of the leading global companies in the mining sector, Vale takes great pride in the fact that it operates in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible way in the regions where it is present—and in its commitment to the future of mining.